We specialize in making wines that taste good. Leaning on the sweeter side, they make excellent before dinner, dessert or "just anytime" wines. Don't forget to be creative and experiment with changing your water into wine when you are cooking and baking. Visit either of our two locations in the Amana Colonies (both open daily) and sample any of the wines below.

Fruit Wines

Dry Cranberry A perfectly balanced tart wine, our Dry Cranberry is the right choice for dry drinkers looking to get their feet wet in the fruit wine world. Harvested in Wisconsin, cranberries arrive to us in the form of fresh juice. This versatile wine can be enjoyed with any meal or mixed with some club soda for a fun spritzer.

Crimson Cranberry This wine shows off the sweet side of cranberries! With just a hint of tartness, this wine would complete any holiday meal. Great with your favorite pork or turkey dishes or simply enjoy on its own.

Lovers Sweet red plum and tart cranberries blend to make our deliciously decadent Lovers wine. Perfect for weddings, anniver-saries or a Tuesday afternoon!

Autumn Blend Who knew cranberries and granny smith apples went together so well? Combined, the juices of these tart fruits from Wisconsin blend to make an appetizing and distinct wine experience. Drink it cold or warmed up with some spice to add a little zest and warmth on a cold day.

American Pride Our blend of American grown cranberries and concord grapes is the perfect wine for the 4th of July! The Con-cord grape originated in Massachusetts in 1849, making it as American as they come. Enjoy while barbequing, playing yard games or watching fireworks!

Blackberry Imported as whole berries from Oregon, the Marion berry supplies the flavor for one of our most award-ed and popular wines. Lightly sweetened, this wine provides you with an authentic blackberry experience. Use it as the base for your favorite sangria recipe.

Cherry Cherry fans, this one is for you! Hailing from the state of Wisconsin, the juice of the Montmorency cherry makes for an unforgettable wine. This slightly tart and delightfully balanced wine will remind you of an old fashioned cherry pie.

Dandelion Blossom Hand-picked by neighbors of the Amana Colonies and surrounding towns, our dandelion wine is
reminiscent of summertime. Sweetened with just a hint of natural nectar, this wine pairs well with lemonade to make even the hottest summer day enjoyable.

Elderberry This well-balanced sweet wine offers a rich berry flavor. Dark in color and full bodied, best consumed as dessert or mixed with some club soda (or ginger ale if you’re feeling adventurous) for a delicious cocktail.

As one of our more exotic wines, this wine showcases the best Mangos have to offer. Sweet and tropical, it would pair well with spicy food or make a fun sangria.

Peach This light and refreshing wine will remind you of biting into a perfectly ripe peach. Brought to us as juice from Michigan and Pennsylvania, this wine is excellent as part of a summer sangria or mixed with OJ for a tasty Bellini.

Plum Crazy Nothing compares to a sweet red plum, now available as wine! From the northwest region of the U.S, this light red wine pairs well with Chinese or Thai food.

Pomegranate Light and sweet with a tart finish, our Pomegranate wine will entice you. Coming to us from California, this wine would complement Mediterranean dishes superbly.

Red Raspberry As one of our most awarded wines, Red Raspberry really packs a punch. Picked in Michigan and Oregon, the raspberries are sent to us as whole berries to preserve their flavor. This wine can easily be enjoyed with your favorite chocolate dessert or poured over ice cream.

Rhubarb Commonly referred to as Piestengle by locals this unique wine tastes like liquid rhubarb pie. The Iowa grown rhubarb is crafted into a sweet wine that finishes with the tartness one would expect to find in this versatile plant.

Strawberry The light bodied and refreshing flavors from this wine are nothing less than what you would expect from freshly harvested Michigan strawberries, picked off the vine. Enjoy chilled or add to jello for a tasty adult treat.

Grape Wines

Frontenac  The 2014 vintage smells of black current with a hint of dried tea leaves.  This light to medium bodied red has nice balanced acidity and a fruity taste with a hint of oak on the finish.  All this makes for an easy drinking and approachable dry red from Iowa - perfect to serve with meals or on its own.

La Crescent La Crescent is our driest white wine offering. With hints of apricot and butter, this wine would pair well with light dishes such as a summer salad or fish.

Autumn Red
 SOLD OUT   Our medium bodied, semi-dry red is a blend of Merlot and Chancellor grapes. The strong berry flavor and light spice complements even the heartiest of meals.

Pinot Grigio  Our Pinot Grigio is a great anytime wine with a refreshing, citrus burst and crisp finish. Pairs well with buttery Italian dishes or light seafood dishes. Also, enjoy with your favorite sushi platter!

Edelweiss  Heavenly aromas rise from  our 2015 Edelweiss.  This Iowa grape produces a light & refreshing white wine with hints of citrus and apple on the palate.  A great choice if you are looking for a soft, easy drinking white wine.

Riesling SOLD OUT  Slightly sweeter than a traditional Riesling, this smooth wine offers light notes of pineapple and a distinct flavor unlike anything else we offer. Try it with your favorite spicy dishes to enhance the experience!

Catawba Catawba is a Native American grape varietal that was dominant in early American wine development. Thought to be a parent grape to the widely loved Concord grape, this delightful pink wine offers a lighter grape flavor with hints of strawberry. En-joy this wine chilled on a hot summer day.

Niagara Sweet wine lovers rejoice! Light and grapey, Niagara gives you the experience of tasting a fresh grape right off the vine without the hassle! Try this refreshing wine cold with a few frozen raspberries for fun.

Concord A timeless favorite, everyone is familiar with the taste of concord. This New York grown grape produces wine with fla-vors of everything you would expect it to be and more! This easy drinking wine is sure to make any evening fun.

WINE PRICES $12.00 /750 ml bottle - o r - $8.00 /375 ml bottle

SAVE $1.00 on 3 Bottles, $4.00 on 6 Bottles or $12.00 on 12 Bottles and a complimentary wine glass.

375ml bottles not eligible for discounts

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